Essay on The Origns of The Species by Charles Darwin

Essay on The Origns of The Species by Charles Darwin

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The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines cultural anthropology as the anthropology that deals with “human culture [especially] with respect to social structure, language, law, politics, religion, magic, art, and technology” (1998:282). Anthropology, when broken down, simply means the study of man (anthropos: man and ology: study). The word culture comes from the Latin word “colere,” which means to cultivate, or to worship. When you understand the meaning of the word, it provides you with a better understanding of what the word represents. Culture is something people create and then “worship” as a way to feel like a part of something. Cultural anthropology aims to study cultures and how they came to form.
Anthropology was born in the 1850’s and grew stronger with Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species (1859) and his expansion on evolutionism, which is “the theory that all of life and the universe have developed by growth and change” (Winick 1984:196-197). According to Langness, anthropologists who followed this theory were known as evolutionists, which meant that they “believed in a theory of evolutionary stages through which they thought peoples and cultures must pass on their way to becoming ‘civilized’” (1974:293). Some anthropologists combined Darwin’s ideas with determinism, which is the idea that everything has already been determined by G-d, and they are collectively known as “early evolutionists.” Early evolutionists placed people in one of three categories: savagery (blacks), barbarianism (brown) and civilization (white). This categorization sums up the Age of Scientific Racism, a time when anthropologists used “scientific methods” to justify racism, quite well. When ...

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