The Origins Of The American Civil War Essay

The Origins Of The American Civil War Essay

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The origins of the American Civil War (1860-1865) were numerous in amount and all of the origins came back onto the multifaceted issue of slavery, the consequences of the war were numerous as well and were marked by the Jim Crow Era, Reconstruction, and Constitutional Amendments, some of these consequences were long term as well as short. The causes of the Civil War all are because of the divisive issue of slavery in the United States in the antebellum period, due political divisiveness over slavery, sectionalism due to slavery, and violence because of slavery. The consequences of the war were caused by southern animosity about the amendments passes, the reconstruction of the United States that is arguably a good consequence of the Civil War, the Jim Crow era which was an era of racial violence in the south and animosity, and was an era of death and destruction due to racial violence and animosity in the south.
The multifaceted issue of slavery was by far the biggest cause of the Civil War due to the north believing that Slavery was an immoral institution and was very brutal and un needed in that time period, whereas the south believed that the institution of slavery was a crucial part of the southern economy and that the economy of the nation as a whole benefits from slavery. Another reason that slavery was a divisive topic was because of the debate on whether or not to let the newly made states to have slaves or not. Slavery, in the antebellum south is considered chattel slavery due to the belief that slaves were a person’s property, and it tended to be very brutal and violent. The issue of slavery was very politically divisive due to it being a huge regional issue so it lead to the desire to control the federal government so ...

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... their animosity, and their desire to go back to the antebellum south’s status quo, the ideals of white supremacy reigned supreme in the post-war south. Due to this the KKK’s actions were condoned by many. Some people argue that the tail ends of the Jim Crow Era are still going on today, due to animosity between the races. The Jim Crow Era is a long term consequence of the Civil War due to long term racial conflict in the United States.
In conclusion the American Civil War was one of the most important and divisive wars in all of American history, this is due to the divisive issue of slavery, and the reuniting of the Union. The causes of the Civil War are numerous and important to the fact on showing how divided the USA was in the antebellum period. The consequences of the War Between the States were numerous as well, and important to how the United States is today.

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