Essay on Origins of Patronage and Musical Institutions

Essay on Origins of Patronage and Musical Institutions

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In this essay I will discuss the origins of patronage and musical institutions, and their purpose in the expanse of music culture of the Renaissance, and in order to gain a greater understanding of both patronage and institutions I shall also discuss in depth the Venetian School, St. Mark’s.

The Renaissance, spanning from about the fourteenth century to the seventeenth century, was an age of great change for Europe in terms of culture, literature, art, and music.
In terms of music, it became important as part of the community, religious and courtly life in the Renaissance. The elegant exchange of ideas, led to large changes in styles of composing, methods of distributing music, new genres, and the advancement of musical instruments. The most crucial music of the early Renaissance was composed for the church. Polyphonic masses and motets in Latin for churches, courts and chapels.
Patronage, at the end of the sixteenth century, divided between the Catholic Church, Protestant churches and courts, wealthy families were all ways of earning for musicians.

The role of patronage during the Renaissance had a tremendous impact on the arts. Patrons’ reasoning behind this varied from having control when commissioning art, to religious reasoning. Patrons of art included the Church, government, aristocracy, guilds and wealthy merchants, such as the Medici family in Florence.
Since the Middle Ages the early Christian church and the state were the centres of power, and most music that survived from that time were religious or sacred due to the patronage of the church.

In an appreciation of music during the start of the Renaissance, that a work was seen as an object that could be created, sold, discussed and owned. “Economically, this deve...

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...ue period.

In conclusion, the musical institutions in the Renaissance in the systematic use of benefices and sinecures to supplement a singer's income. Recruitment was done in a competent fashion, although there was competition to get the best composers. The musicians came from all over Europe, travelling from one place to another in order to learn and work in school institutions and for patrons, whether they were religious or aristocrats and rulers. The economic situation of the members of the chapel were comparable to small merchants, skilled artisans and lower-level government officials, and a step above that of ordinary clergy. But it can be stated that economic opportunities, enlightened patronage, and a reputation for musical standards contributed to attract and keep skilled singers, helping to ensure the remarkable stability of its choir from 1400 to 1600.

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