The Origins Of Money By Frederic L. Pryors Essay

The Origins Of Money By Frederic L. Pryors Essay

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The history of money has long been a topic that many anthropologists and economists have debated about. While anthropologists may have their own theories regarding the steps that humans took towards creating the idea of money, economists hold their own view. In the second unit of “Making Money”, these very topics are discussed in depth as students begin to learn the various theories regarding what could have predated money and the evidence associated with each theory. Over the course of the unit “Why did money begin”, there were two lectures and readings; these lectures and readings were all closely interrelated, sharing many of the same theories and findings to arrive at an answer to the overarching question of the unit: “Why did money begin?”. As such, the purpose of this essay will be to examine each part of the second unit in depth and discuss summarily the questions, ideas, issues and answers brought forth by each author and speaker.

In Frederic L. Pryors’s essay “The Origins of Money”, Pryor discusses several propositions about the origins of money by analyzing many different societies around the world with similar economic development statuses. Pryor goes on to discuss in detail the underlying subjects relating to the origins of money; such as the definition of money, different anthropological and economical views regarding money’s origin and the function of both commercial and non-commercial payments in societies. Pryor concludes his essay by stating that in reality it is still unknown what exactly the exact origin of money is, and further implies that the dogmatic way in which many experts also study this topic and present their opinion without taking into consideration other experts opinions or views is not needed (Pry...

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...appearance by him in a lecture he could really enlighten the minds of students and provide another prospective about the origins of money that our course materials cannot.

The second unit provided students with a topic that is quite cumbersome to understand: “the origins of money”. Through the readings and lectures of the unit, students attained much knowledge that undoubtedly enhanced their thought process when they think about where money came from and what it truly means. Speakers and authors throughout the unit provided thoughtful, educated and reasoned opinions that explained the different ideas both economists and anthropologists have about the origin of money. Without listening to speakers in lecture and reading the well crafted articles of the unit, it certainly would not be possible to attain such valuable knowledge about the origins of money in the world.

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