The Origins of Islamic Art Essay

The Origins of Islamic Art Essay

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Islamic art was born in the Arabian Peninsula, the Umayyad dynasty in the years 661-750, and at the same time through their representatives they went scattering to the conquest of Persia, Egypt, North Africa, and even the Iberian Peninsula. Islamic art is an original, which has managed to reinterpret the various influences that were received during the process of their formation, such as classical, Byzantine arts or different traditions of those nomadic peoples. The Koranic prohibition of representing God influenced the evolution of various artistic disciplines, especially in developing the architecture and decoration closely linked.
Mozzati (2010) shows us that Islam is a religion characterized by absolute and intransigent monotheism, they have a radical and unified vision of the world, being indifferent to the historical, social, cultural and radical adherents. Islam and language, which is Arabic, formed a powerful union of several cultural traditions, composing a very homogeneous combination reported a wide range of civilizations and spiritual experience and politics that took millions in different nations. Each idiom was gradually developing art and custom, although recognized with an Islamic identity, over time who were gaining their individual character.
The Islamic Religion
Who has the Islamic religion as a profession, always has a legacy that “There is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet. Necessary to pronounce these words in front of two witnesses and automatically becomes a Muslim, of course after becoming Muslim has to follow to all that is inculcated Muslims. The term "Allah" is derived from the Arabic -Semitic ' lh root meaning clear "divinity" in a generic sense, the word in Arabic Al- ilah means the One and...

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... animated or tower from which the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer. The most distinctive architectural features are the arch and the dome. As regards the arc, such as different types, the midpoint, the horseshoe, the angelado, etc. applied. Deeply scalloped and decorated with muqarnas. The dome presents different finishes, such as tapers or bulb. And all this is a decorative manifestation that invades all lower free surfaces including openings, protected with blinds; outside the contrary is usually quite sober. The Dome of Rock is the first large monument of Islamic art, was built in Jerusalem and is the holiest site in Islam. Many Muslims believe that the center of the dome is where Muhammad descended into heaven to meet Allah being accompanied by the angel Gabriel. The Dome of the Rock is not considered technically as a mosque, but very sacred place for Islam.

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