The Origins and Attacks of Al Qaeda Essay

The Origins and Attacks of Al Qaeda Essay

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Al-Qaeda is a household terrorist organization name that almost everyone knows. Their most recognize for conducting the attacks of September 11, 2001. The attack killed nearly 3,000 people and injured thousands more. They have already completed numerous attacks both foreign and domestic against United States personnel. The likeness of an another attack is highly probable. This being said, we must continue to do everything possible to prevent an attack from occurring.
The Origins of Al Qaeda can be traced to when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the 1980’s. “Thousands of volunteers from around the Middle East came to Afghanistan as mujahideen, warriors fighting to defend fellow Muslims. In the mid-1980s, Osama bin Laden became the prime financier for an organization that recruited Muslims from mosques around the world.” (Hayes, Al Qaeda) This was crucial to defeat the Soviet Union. One vital person came about through this, and his name as Osama Bin Laden. The "Osama" spelling is deprecated, because there is no letter "O" in Arabic He is the proclaim founder of the group Al Qaeda. Osama believing that the war with the Soviet Union was a holy battle between Islam and the infidel. “Osama Bin Laden's experiences as a logistical coordinator and financier for the Afghan and Arab resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan during the 1980s are thought to have provided the backdrop for his belief that Muslims could take effective military action inspired by select Islamic principles”. (Blanchard, 2005). While Bin Laden was in Saudi Arabia, he was exposure to teachings of conservative Islamist scholars. With his experience in Afghanistan, and knowing of Salafist. He convey a new concept known as “defensive jihad”. Us...

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