Essay about The Origin Of The Maya Civilization

Essay about The Origin Of The Maya Civilization

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The Maya civilization is one of the most original and rich ancient populaces in the world. It is a group of varied ethnicities, common in some traits, but diverse in languages, customs and in history.1 By using the word "Maya " We can give two meanings. The first, of a civilization that flourished from the 4th century B.C. and it had its decline in the 7th century A.D. in what is known as the classical period resurgent in the post-classical period. And the second meaning refers to a people and culture that continues to exist to this day representing a tradition of more than 2000 years.
The purpose of this essay is that, after reading it, we can appreciate how wonderful and authentic were the pre-Hispanic cultures, focusing mainly on culture. First, I will write about the mystery of Mesoamerican civilizations and at the end, I will explain the rediscovery of the Maya.
In the early nineteenth century, Europeans who had come to America, could not see the natives other than like savages, barbarians, without knowledge, and unable to create a civilization."2 "Some believed they were descendants of the Egyptians, Vikings and even the Chinese. Unfluctuating adventurers who had gone into the jungle and seen with their own eyes the magnificent ruins of temples and palaces, they still could not admit that they were the work of the Indians. "3 This shows very well the way Europeans thought and their traditional culture of modern Europe who believed they knew the truth of everything and everyone else was wrong. Also, they sought to impose their vision of the world and this did not allow them to admit that perhaps the art, architecture and astrological knowledge of this "New World" were as good as theirs and in some higher aspects. They paid ...

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...rsity of languages, dialects, culture mixed with Spanish traditions and religion resulting in a rich culture that persists to this day.
Ultimately, the Mayan civilization was the most brilliant cultural stage not only in Mesoamerica, but throughout America, and his mysterious disappearance became an obsession for many investigators and people interested in the topic in the middle of the twentieth century. There have been many myths about the Mayans, but archaeological and historical research will allow us to know and admire who they were, how they developed their skills, and how they built their wonderful cities. In fact, as a Mexican immigrant in this country, I can also see the Mayan communities as the descendants of my culture and Mexicans feel proud of what they were, and the permanent mark that they will leave not only in Mexico’s history but the whole worlds.

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