Essay on Origin of the First Marriage Myth

Essay on Origin of the First Marriage Myth

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Long time ago when the men and women didn’t live together. The men lived in old and small cabins made of straws and the door made of thin sticks that if there was a storm they would be homeless. The women live in good and big cabins with beds and soft blankets. One day a tall, skinny and bad looking a man named “Old Man” came to the camp of the men and asked them if he could lived with them because he was without house and he had many days without ate and slept.
The men talked about it and decided that he could stand there but he had to work very hard every day to desire his food and a place where he could sleep. “Old Man” accepted to do all the work they sent to him so he could had a place where to sleep and something to eat. He also had to cook for everybody one day and of course washed his own clothes. As he was told he worked hard every day and some afternoons he cooked for all the men. While “Old Man” worked the women that passed by admired his big and strong muscles that he had done in those months.
One day one of the servants of the women went to the cabins of the men and t...

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