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The Origin Of My Legacy Essay

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Mein Zeugnis
The origin of my legacy can be traced back to 907 in the United Kingdom, but for the sake of time we will begin in the year 1900 when four young brothers came to America from England. My great grandfather Frank Bentley was one of these brothers. Frank became a farmer in Oklahoma, although he was an intelligent man who spoke English, Scottish Gaelic and German, Frank only completed the 5th grade, because of the time in which he grew up he was forced to farm in order to survive and help his family. Frank fought in the army during WW1 repairing and flying B29 Super Fortresses, the same type of plane that would later be responsible for dropping both atomic bombs. Frank Married another immigrant named Addie Reinhart. Addie came from Germany; she was able to speak German and some English. Addie was a homemaker whose highest level of education was 8th grade.
New York 1907 my mother’s grandfather William Würster arrives from Bayern, Germany alone and only ten years old. William despite being broke and completely alone in a new country was able to work in metallurgy and eventually received his PHD in engineering. My mother tells me that when Grandfather William arrived to Ellis Island the locals either could not, or refused to pronounce our name correctly, so Würster became Wooster. Now William Wooster, the new German American moved to Pennsylvania and married an American named Alberta Jones. Alberta Jones worked as a cashier. Most of Alberta’s life was a struggle only finishing the 8th grade her options limited.
Frank Bentley gave birth to my grandfather Albert Bentley. Albert Bentley also served in the military. After Albert got out of the Army he became a missionary and left Oklahoma and traveled around South America an...

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...ed to avoid the military and children, so I can focus on my dream which is educating others and taking advantage of all the resources that are provided for me.

Since attending university I noticed that the closer I get to graduating there are still students unable to read in my classes. This frustrates me, but also gives fuel to my original plan, which is to help those who I feel deserve to go to college and achieve their dreams. I also hear this phrase “White Privilege” used in abundance in my classes which are primarily nonwhite students. The irony seems to be lost on everyone but me. I have been given no help throughout my college career. I do not seek, or expect any help. I have made no friends in the four years of college which I find to be helpful. I am not here for friends, I am here to earn my degree and go back to my life of traveling and helping others.

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