Essay about The Origin Of Human Beings

Essay about The Origin Of Human Beings

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When modern men ponder the origin of human beings, we often struggle between the theories of modern science and the divine intervention by an unseen God that was predestined to create the first man and woman according to religion. One of the most intriguing questions that faith struggles to discover is that of our beginning. Why did human beings begin on earth? How and when were we made? Was there a creator? What was the purpose that men came into the world? For some, these questions have always been answered by the belief in religious deities. Each religion, no matter how ancient or modern, has sought to answer these most fundamental questions that influence, if not dominate, the attributes of that human civilization. Because of this, diverse beliefs have presented one or more creation myths, each of these similar in structure one from the other revealing those answers that humans, since the beginning, and emphasize aspects of life that each culture finds important.

So we must ask: who made who? Were there gods who made humans or have humans created the gods? We have the Bible, the Book of Genesis where Adam and Eve are. We have the Book of Mormon which leans on biblical Christianity. We have the "word of Buddha" in the Pali Canon, Mahayana Sutras and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Hindus present the Sanskrit Vedas. The Sikh Scripture is called the Guru Granth Sahib. Islam 's Koran declares one God and one creation. Even from Africa, we hear the Rig Veda, itself a creation myth; then the Mayan Popol Vuh. Each one of these legends gives us a diverse perspective on the creation of human civilization and the world; these creation myths also strive to interpret natural phenomena, teach divinity to the believers, and emphasize t...

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...s is the archaic occult document of the doctrine of the First Gods. According to the Commentary, the record is divided into two specific sections: the larger portion is devoted to the secular history of the first races from Yidath dealings with the First Gods, while the smaller latter is primarily occupied by veiled spiritual matters and the teachings and outreach to ancient men. From the Izal Eemian period, however, the true hidden mysteries of the book take on a more major ritualistic importance as Smith dictates specific purposes why none of this writing could be directly translated. It is still written in Dlothian very similar to primitive hieroglyphics linguistic style of the Ancient World, but has never fully or partially been translated verbatim into modern languages. Since Smith time, there have been only nine known surviving copies of the book in existence.

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