The Origin Of Capital Murder And Capital Punishment Essay

The Origin Of Capital Murder And Capital Punishment Essay

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In my essay I will be discussing the origin of capital murder and capital punishment. How this crime has originated in the 14th century and how cruel the punishments were and how they evolved over time in different parts of the world. The Abolishment movement was a movement that I will be discussing about trying to discard the death penalty. I will be comparing and contrasting between the past and the present for moral and immoral punishments. Leading to future and advanced punishments they may make in the future. Early death penalties were established as far back as the 5th, 7th, 14th, and 18th century B.C the some of the death penalties were on account of 25 different crimes and others were on account of all crimes. I believe that in those times period’s people were unjust in decision making not giving people a fair punishment they just believed that the petty crimes that people committed should be put to death in some the harshest ways. I don’t think they had a justice system like we have in today’s society where you have a legitimate chance to plead your case and possibly have an insignificant punishment such as probation or house arrest. The death penalty had originated in America in 1608 they were influenced by Britain. Jamestown a colony in Virginia recorded the first execution in American history was Captain George Kendall he was executed for being a spy for Spain. Even in the upcoming of death penalty in America people were sentenced to death because of moral and martial laws for minor offenses. Those offenses consisted of stealing food and other people’s possessions and trading goods with the Indians. Execution of Kendall was a moral gesture from America to its citizens and other countries that this is what happens when...

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...f the lethal injection is here to stay but the three drugs will be more potent increasing pain to the victim slowly and excruciating. In comparison from the earlier centuries to the later current century crimes and laws has changed drastically from people being executed from small minor crimes to all crimes committed to reasonable punishment due to crime. Places all over the world becoming relevant around the world then later becoming insignificant. The impact of the abolition movement where people were unhappy with the deaths people were receiving then standing behind their beliefs to create change for the future. My personal conclusion about the capital murder and the death penalty I believe that it’s a moral right to take a person’s life that has taken an innocent life for the pain and suffering of the families that has to continue life without their loved ones.

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