Organized Crime And The United States Essay

Organized Crime And The United States Essay

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Organized Crime in the United States has always been a major problem in the criminal justice system, but in recent years the issue of organized crime has changed from being a domestic problem to now an international problem as well. In fact organized crime is such a major problem and a major threat to the United States that for the first time in nearly fifteen years the Organized Crime Council reassembled to discuss organized crime and the problems it causes (Finklea, 2010). With the major advances in technology the threat of our nation’s security being breached rises higher due to the money hungry organized crime groups that a planted in the united States. The criminal justice system does have many measures in place though to attempt and mediate the problems cause by organized crime both foreign and domestic. For example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is running many operations such as undercover field agents in the loop with crime groups, CI sources (confidential Informants), agents working surveillance, forensic services, as well partnerships with international criminal justice systems (“Organized Crime,” n.d.). When most people think of organized crime they picture Italian mobsters across the northeast (Chicago to New York) and at one time that is exactly what encompassed organized crime in the United States. It is safe to say now, though that organized crime is much more than just Italian mobsters, in fact the organized crime groups in the United States consist of criminals from all across the globe. These criminals come from places such as Russian, African, all across Asia, and other crime organization from many countries across of Eastern Europe the majority of which fled their countries due to financial issues (“Org...

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...nt that the government is not doing their best possible job in handling the threats that are occurring due to organized crime, though with all of the precautionary measures that the United States government has issued you would think the threats would be eliminated. It seems that one of the most prominent measure being enforced by the United States Government is the war on drugs. Even with this system put in place statistics have shown that the FBI and the United States government in general have met none of their goals for the war on drugs that were originally planned set. For example one news channel reported that after 40 years of the war on drugs, over 1 trillion United States dollars have been spent and hundreds of thousands of lives have been spared yet the drugs are flowing in and out of the United States at will due to organized crime groups (Mendoza, 2010).

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