Organizations And Community Development Workers Essay

Organizations And Community Development Workers Essay

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Many organisations and community development workers will deliberately adopt a specific model that clearly identifies its parameters within a project (Kenny, 2006). Working within a model, provides community development workers a framework to plan and review the aims, goals, strategies and methods being used within the health promotion project (Free, 2005). Models are also based on philosophical positions and values, so that community development workers can think critically and determine how such values fits within the project (Kenny, 2006). Models can assist community development workers in asking questions, offer methods in assessing problems that arise while also providing insight into practice directions (Kenny, 2006). This essay will discuss what community development is, what the value to conceptualise practice terms of models is and why workers do this. This essay will examine three models used in the Horsham Living project: (1) Social Planning; (2) Feminist Theory, and (3) Capacity Building and why these models apply to the project, and whether they were effective through key theoretical perspectives.
Community development is a process where members of the community come together to take a collective common action to generate solutions where issues arise (Kenny, 2006). This could be recognising a service that is needed in the community by holding meetings with the public, local council or health care providers by empowering change to the community (Packer, Spence & Beare, 2002). By allowing community members to take collective control and responsibility for their community development, this provides empowerment as a method to bringing the community closer together (Kenny, 2006). Community development is a skilled proce...

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...nity development workers can work in a framework to plan and review the aims, goals, strategies and methods being used within the project (Kenny, 2006). Thus allowing community development workers and social workers to think critically and determine how such values fits within their project (Sheil, 2002). Models can assist community development workers in asking questions, offer methods in assessing problems that arise while also providing insight into practice directions (Kenny, 2006). While the Horsham Living project did not have a worker who was familiarised with community development and its processes, certain models and theories could be identified throughout the project. However, it could be suggested for the project to be sustainable, further training for allied health workers should be considered when working on community development projects (Homan, 2008).

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