Organizational Structures Throughout The World Essay

Organizational Structures Throughout The World Essay

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Quicken Loans
Organizational structures throughout the world continue to evolve into various designs embraced by highly competitive corporations. Work environments surfacing encompass diverse work practices allowing employees to communicate from remote locations via teleconference as an example (Aghina et al. 2014). Regardless of the type of work environment, values possessed by individuals and/or corporations consistently affect job choices, work decisions and job satisfaction (Carpenter 2012). Quicken Loans corporation provides goals and values for employees, consumers, and business strategies, affecting in essence the job satisfaction and motivation of the Quicken Loan workforce. This paper examines the Quicken Loans Corporation in reference to the goals and values, provision of motivation and/or job satisfaction to employees, and effectiveness of Quicken Loans business model.
Goals and Values
Quicken Loans, the third largest home mortgage company in the United States, provides a work environment for employees with a sense of collective purpose. According to Schmitt, Quicken Loans drives success by developing excellence in its work place with organizational behavior practices such as strong individual rewards and/or development, teamwork, individual and collective creative decision-making, and visionary leadership. Key values and goals are presented by Quicken Loans as ISMs promoting principles for employees and leadership to live by in the workplace. Collectively, the ISMs represent key goals and values as teamwork, respect/value, and integrity. The Founder, Dan Gilbert, and the Chief Executive Officer, Bill Emerson, of Quicken Loans actively participate in new employee orientation by spending a full day explaining and...

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...ional structures throughout the world continue to evolve into various designs embraced by highly competitive corporations. Work environments surfacing encompass diverse work practices allowing employees to communicate from remote locations via teleconference as an example (Aghina et al. 2014). Regardless of the type of work environment, values possessed by individuals and/or corporations consistently affect job choices, work decisions and job satisfaction (Carpenter 2012).
The goals and values incorporated by Quicken Loans for employees, consumers, and among business positively affect the job satisfaction and motivation evident in the Quicken Loan workforce. Successful corporations world wide attempt to capture an organizational structure, providing exceptional work environments, to provide job satisfaction and motivation in order to excel in the business world.

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