Organizational Structure Of Whole Food Market Essay

Organizational Structure Of Whole Food Market Essay

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There are a number of factors that the Board of Directors will have to consider while developing the strategic plan; one of the important factors is to investigate how the organizational structure of Whole Food market affects the strategic planning in the organization. In this case, it will help the directors to have an idea of how their input in the strategy will be of general benefit to the entire organization. In any strategic plan, the organizational structure plays a critical role since it determines how successful a strategic might be. The other factor that they should consider is the establishment of how the leadership of Whole Food Market affects the strategic planning of the entire organization. In many cases, a strategic plan might be in place but its implementation may be influenced by the leaders present. Therefore, in this case, the board of directors will have to consider the impact that will be brought forward by their leadership on their strategic plan (Bryson, 1995). Another factor to consider is for the directors to investigate if the organization culture can influence the strategic planning in their organization. In this case, the culture that exists in an organization plays a critical role while developing a plan because it determines if the strategic plan will successful or not. The other factor that would affect the strategic plan that is about to be unveiled is that the directors would investigate how the human resource department will influence the strategic plan in the organization. The human resource is an essential factor because it is the one in charge of the entire employees in the organization. Therefore, it influences many things, and one of them is the strategic plan and thus directors sho...

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...other factor that should be considered. In this case, it involves the formal planning that calls for the analysis of the main key factors, and the shortlisting of the major strategic issues while at the same time, generating the alternative strategies. The strategies at hand should not exhaust all the available resources, and thus, it will be advisable to reserve something. However, there should be an attempt to provide all the comprehensive strategies and the plan at hand should consider only all the important factors commonly known as the strategic elephants. It is also necessary to monitor the execution of all the strategies against the long-term objectives that have been set aside. All these are ways that can be sued to enhance organizational support for the purpose of the performance management while undertaking the strategic plan process at Whole Foods Market.

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