Organizational Socialization : Relationship Between Learning Domains And Turnover

Organizational Socialization : Relationship Between Learning Domains And Turnover

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Organizational socialization: The relationship between learning domains and turnover
When a newcomer to an organisation joins it is often a troublesome experience for both of the parties involved. This is largely due to the steep learning curve required for an individual to learn the knowledge, skills and norms required to be an effective member of the team, this critical period is often over presented with a looming chance that the individual may leave at any time. This process of change is referred to as organisational socialisation (OS).(Field & Coetzer, 2008)
As previously mentioned, OS is an incredible costly process for both of the parties involved for employers this cost is largely In a financial sense . For instance, (Rollag et al., 2005) showed that the sheer cost associated with the initial learning curve provides little in return especially in cases where individual leaves the organization shortly after training. Cooper-Thomas and Anderson (2006) expands on this displaying two forms of cost, high direct costs which are those surrounding separation. Replacement training of individuals and general administrative costs. On the other hand, indirect costs which are emphasize reduction of productivity and reduced customer loyalty related to an inability to maintain staff.
As for the employer, socialization plays an equally important role for the newcomers to the organization. For instance Jones (1986) argues that individuals who enter a new organization are usually met with anxiety, reality shock associated with adoption to the new working environments values and norms that they may not have encountered before, which are required by the organization to fit in and be a productive team member.
In doing so an individual ca...

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...hand, the second hypothesis states that the organisational learning domain will be negatively associated with intent to quit. The rationale behind this hypothesis is largely derived from Agarwal et al. (2012) 's research into learning cultures who showed that individuals who perceived more of the culture reported that they wanted to stay within the organisation. Secondly, they presented evidence suggesting that interaction with the culture, would, in turn, have increased job satisfaction which decreased turnover. Evidence in support of this hypothesis can also be derived from Gao (2011) 's socialisation model, which showed present a similar result to previous literature to which a variable which measured individuals understanding of the workplace environment was positively associated with job satisfaction, which was in turn negatively associated with job turn over.

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