Essay on Organizational Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

Essay on Organizational Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Organizational psychology is not actually psychology because instead of focusing on individuals, it focuses more on organizations as a whole. Organizational psychology deals largely with business/management aspects. Psychology does not focus on many of the issues that organizational psychologists come across. For example, psychology does not include studying bias in the workplace, or selecting the best employee’s for a position, or how to make people want to work more efficiently in their jobs. Those are a few of organizational psychology’s issues and they have no place in the field of psychology. Psychology is concerned with human behavior, not how to increase an organization’s performance.
Most macro-organizational decisions are truly just the doings of individuals who are “dressing up like an organization”. Studying those individuals’ behaviors in the workplace is the root of organizational psychology and of course psychology is concerned with human behavior, but not with the macro-organizational actions. Therefore, I think organizational psychology may include a few key aspects of the psychology domain, but in no way should organizational psychology be considered flat-out psychology. Organizational psychology is a mixture of psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, political science, etc. Since organizational psychology is primarily concerned with the workplace, maybe it should be categorized under more of the business domain.
Also, psychological theory and processes should not be used to explain the behaviors of individuals in the organization because “their behavior is not really autonomous” (Staw, 1991). The organization holds a great deal of control over how the individuals act in the workplace, whether those indi...

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...the situation.
Another important point I gathered from this article was that when you are looking at correlation between ability and performance, you can actually mediate that relationship by making some change in the job. People are so quick to jump to conclusions and they will just assume that some aspect of the individual is the cause of their performance level. Instead, employers need to consider that changing some aspect of the job might improve employee performance as well.
So, Terborg points out that we must not have a restricted view of an interaction. We must look at every possible factor, including both person characteristics and situation characteristics. If we just assume A causes B, then we will fail to recognize other aspects that are actually affecting the interaction. The individual and the situation should be viewed as joint determiners behaviors.

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