Organizational Politics And Leadership Styles Essay

Organizational Politics And Leadership Styles Essay

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Starcorp Industries is an aerospace contractor employing over 8,000 employees. Starcorp is operating in a tight economy and as a result of the country’s current economic predicament over the last six years, has had to lay off workers. The organization is being divided by the departments as they are in need to compete against each other, and some projects have been sabotaged to show failure of a department. Due to cutbacks in governmental contracts, Starcorp needs to win a contract to keep the business operational. The Air Force and NASA have recently requested proposals for a two multi-billion dollar projects that align with Starcorp’s organizational goals.
The characteristics of the ideal leader in running a department in Starcorp’s would be challenging, as a leader is going to have to act as a change agent to get the employees back in line with the company’s objectives. A leader will have to deal both with organizational politics and leadership styles. To effectively lead Starcorp Industries, a leader will need to use leadership styles that will influence the employees along with employee-orientated leadership style traits. Effective leaders are critical to the success of a company, and leaders find ways to motivate followers to perform their tasks. A leader of a department in Starcorp would be attainable through gaining power and authority over the employees. Power is the ability to influence others to get things done, while authority is the formal rights that come to a person who occupies a particular position (Goncalves, 2013).
The leader of a department in Starcorp is going to have to influence the employees through power and leadership. Starcorp is one project away from staying successful or becoming a failing business r...

... middle of paper ...

... to slowly start to gain the trust back.
Starcorp has shown they want to be a successful company and by fostering relationships, they will be able to work together, and help avoid arguments about the vision, and goals of the company. A key concept to be used will be looking out for the best interest of the company; the leader will need to focus on the vision and goals of the company to keep the remainder of the employees focused, as Starcorp has gone through a major layoff of employees. Finally the leader will need to try and find common ground. Common ground is when employees can agree on the situation at hand. By having the employees agree on the goals and vision of the company it will give them a better chance of working as a team, and winning the bid for the new contract, and keeping all the current employees and avoiding any more layoffs (Bolander, 2011).

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