Essay on Organizational Leadership and Performance

Essay on Organizational Leadership and Performance

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Leaders affect the general organizational performance and this can either be in a positive or negative manner. This is attributed to the fact that they are the ones whom in most cases set up the general guidelines that determine the conduct of their subjects. It is through these guidelines that they are able to effect change in their organizations. The process of decision making adopted by the leaders is therefore a vital determinant to how far the progress of a given organization will take place. The antidote to organizational problems is how to replace a leader when he leaves as the one opted for may not have the qualification desired and leadership values expected of that position. This is because when a new leader is appointed into position it is hoped that he will be able to reverse the situation that was there initially.
This belief in the idea that it is leaders who influence the performance of a given organization has led to less research being undertaken on opinions that individuals have about the issue. This is attributed to the fact that there are changes that occur in different organizations that are both technological, changing worker attitudes and the government regulations that come with it. These changes also call for a change in the style of leadership and failure to do so is likely to result in a conflict of interests among the leaders (Kickul & Neuman, 2010). This has been noted in some industries where the role of leadership has had a greater impact on them either negatively or positively. This is because it is the leadership that comes up with the decisions on which technological advances are best to adopt in order to ensure improved production. However leaders should be encouraged to also seek the sugge...

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