Organizational Leadership And Its Importance Essay

Organizational Leadership And Its Importance Essay

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2.1 Organizational Leadership and its Importance
The existence of leadership style is crucial for an organization to provide clear direction for the staff, raise their motivational levels and create an interest in the work (Smith & Peterson, 1988). With the up rise of multiculturalism, it is vital to understand the growing new trends in leadership studies and implement the trends that bring success to an organization in struggling situations. The study of leadership can help especially in ethical conflicts that can undermine a belief system of a group of individuals or a discontent in the workforce on the direction enforced on them. For the most part of the 20th century, a singular disciplinary view of the study of leadership has delayed the progression of improvement in this field of study. The creation of the leadership studies approach will enable leadership practitioners to fundamentally develop new theories and approaches which were deemed impossible in a singular disciplinary view of the study of leadership (Rost, 1991).
Rost (1991) identifies several leadership definitions that are available in leadership literature. Despite, the availability of several definitions, leadership can be defined as a process where actions of a single or a group of individuals being capable of influencing a set of individuals towards achievement of a goal that is commonly shared among those individuals (Locke, 1999; Northouse, 2015; Rauch and Behling, 1984; Bryman, 1992).
Moreover, leadership is a process which involves an intended connection between leader and followers (Haiman, 1951; Tannenbaum, Wechsler, & Massarik, 1961). In addition, Locke (1999) argues that the success of a leader would depend on the responsive followers because they are b...

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...ssarily have to be inherited with leadership qualities to become a leader. Moreover, it is argued that some individual traits help to boost the effectiveness of a leader with no guarantee that this aspect will work for all circumstances. This is due to certain traits are considered to be more effective situationally than others (Stogdil, 1948).
The evaluation of a personality through the trait theory is considered to be objective. Through the passing of time, individuals who practice this theory will develop quite sophisticated methods to measure their own key traits. The theory itself is not complex. This makes the trait theory fairly straightforward, understandable and easy to be implemented by individuals. Due to the objective nature of the trait theory, the results of this theory will rely heavily on hard evidence or some form of statistical analysis (MSG, n.d.).

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