Organizational Integrity And Social Responsibility Essay

Organizational Integrity And Social Responsibility Essay

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How does management ensure it has implemented best practices when it comes to organizational integrity and social responsibility for the company? That is the question that this middle management leader will help address. Through just completing an ethics course through a local university, this leader was able to gain valuable knowledge to share with the entire management team. In today’s business world, more and more organizations are reviewing their internal practices to ensure ethically sound and supported by the appropriate policies and procedures.
The purpose of the presentation is to evaluate another organization that has experienced issues dealing with these two areas. Based on a detailed review of the situation, management can determine based on insights from this case, if any issues or areas should be addressed within the business. Finally, this presentation will highlight key items to help identify common pitfalls for organizations. This can help this company ensure that its policies and procedures allow for operating with the highest level of integrity and incorporate socially responsibility.
History is a great teacher when it comes to understanding ethical dilemmas that a business may encounter. It can teach us what has worked well in certain situations and what has not worked so well. The organization that we will be reviewing in this presentation is a well-known manufacturer of computer components, Intel Corporation.
Intel makes approximately 80 percent of the components in all personal computers today. In 1993, they introduced into the marketplace a Pentium chip. Intel spent a lot of time and money in developing this product. It cost the company $1 billion in development costs for this Pentium chip. T...

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...cutives can be significantly compensated through incentive or bonus programs if these levels are met or exceeded. This has led to ethical issues at Lehman Brothers, Tyco International and Enron.

Looking at each of these situations in just a little more detail, it becomes clear the similarities between Intel’s actions and the actions of the leadership teams at these institutions. At Lehman Brothers, an employee had significant concerns that items on the balance sheet could not be authenticated by senior leadership as well as concerns on the usage of a concept called Repo 105. This concept is where an organization moves assets off of a balance sheet which was $50 billion in debt for Lehman Brothers. This made Lehman Brothers appear financially more profitable or stable than in reality which led to the company filing for bankruptcy (Jennings, 2012, p. 290).

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