Organizational Dissent And How It Impacts The Organization Essay

Organizational Dissent And How It Impacts The Organization Essay

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Focusing on the definition of organizational dissent and how it impacts the organization, there first has to be a comprehension of the word dissent. According to Morris (1996) the history of the word dissent comes from the combination of two words from the Latin language, dissentlre and sentire. Kassing (2011) simplified the word dissent to an individual feeling apart. When observing dissent throughout organizations, dissent deals with a member feeling excluded from the organization. Kassing (1998, pg. 183) defined organizational dissent as expressing disagreement or contradictory opinions about the organization. Organizational dissent is the ability of the employee to question and produce feedback for policies and practices found within the organization. Kassing (1997, 2005) states dissent is experienced and expressed between supervisors, coworkers and individuals outside of the organization.
According to Kassing (1998), the definition of “organizational dissent” has a few important aspects that are commonly found when one is expressing dissent. Croucher, Perrett, Zeng and Gomez (2014) identified three important factors to this definition. The first factor is dissent is something that can be expressed to another individual. The other two aspects of dissent that helps us understand the meaning is how it needs to be included in the process of one engaging in a discussion focusing on disagreement and also opposing views against the practices, policies, and procedures or operations conducted throughout the organization. These factors of dissent produce feedback that is frequently linked to conflict but many times dissent is limited to the employee to just the feeling of separation from the organization but not actually revealing t...

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...raised. Creating an organization where being viewed as a dissenter is a good thing will help improve the workplace. Dissenters tend to be classified as hard-working, motivated and committed professionals who challenge and confront organizations with only positive results in mind (Kassing 2011). Leaders and management that allow and support the voice of the employees can help create a more ethical environments and workplaces. Organizations that are able to create a supportive workplace can have more success because of the willingness for dissent to be recognized and encompass improvements and development of the organizational culture and climate.
The next section focuses on emotional labor and goes into an in-depth explanation of what it is and how it is found and managed within the organization. The use of many scholarly studies will help elaborate on the variable.

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