Organizational Development Purpose Statement Essay

Organizational Development Purpose Statement Essay

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Organizational Development Purpose Statement
Higher education programs and organizational services may be integral for the performance success of students. Globalization and the sustainability of competitive advantage may be forcing the workforce to pursue or further their education. Universities may need to address the increasing number of people enrolling in academic courses by implementing or modifying the programs or services being provided to them to ensure their academic or work performance success. Research shows that learning institutions through the implementation of support services may enable positive performance outcomes and influence perceptions.
As such, the efficacy of a mentoring program may provide universities and with an alternative medium to improve academic performance outcomes. Thus, assisting students to complete their educational endeavors by applying a quality mentoring approach process may provide individuals the opportunity to engage in academically, focus, and ensure accountability to achieve positive performance and productivity. In addition, the efficacy of a mentoring program may offer students autonomy to engage socially with the culture of the university and empower them to work collaborative to achieve results.
Purpose Statement I
The purpose of this study is to positively influence a students’ academic outcome and evaluate the perceptions of graduate and undergraduate students participating in an online mentoring program. The artifacts included in this study pertain to performance as measured by Student Academic Progress, On Time Progress (OTP), Retention Rates, and Graduation Rates. The research will also include a descriptive analysis of the students’ perception regardi...

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