Essay on Organizational Development : A Guide For Leading Change

Essay on Organizational Development : A Guide For Leading Change

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When someone spoke about the phrase “Organizational Development” I need to admit I did not know what they were talking about. Even up to the first class, I was still puzzled about what organizational development was, despite having read the first twelve chapters in Practicing Organization Development: A Guide for Leading Change by Rothwell, Stavros, Sullivan, I felt as if I was learning another foreign language and was not sure of myself. Now, that we endured four face-to-face classes in Education Organization Development, I can now say that I understand the material in the class. As the halfway point has drawn to a close, there are five topics that were explained in either the Rothwell textbook, supplemental readings or class lectures that have stuck with me and had me thinking over and over again about the core topic of organizational development.
The first topic which was extremely engaging to me was brought to my attention in the class lecture from the first night of class on September 11, 2015 on “What is an Organization?” Since this was a question on my mind, I was able to get a true and precise answer to the answer. Dr. Wiggall lectured that Chester Barnard clarified that an organization is not a place; an organization is a system of consciously coordinated personal activities or forces of two or more persons (Wiggall, R., 2015). In addition, Dr. Wiggall went on to clarify that Mr. Barnard further exclamation stated that an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness is linked to the cooperative effort of the citizens (members) of the organization (Wiggall, R., 2015). With this in mind, I wanted to focus my first journal article synopsis about what is an organization, so that I may further understand the topic. Un...

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...nge and all the way on the bottom of the totem pole you have the resistors. The resistors are the fence sitters in an organization (Wiggall, R., 2015). This topic went with one of my journal articles for my journal synopsis about leading change from the backseat. Within the model we spoke about, you do not have to be on the top of the company, it is just fine to be in the middle and lead change from that current position.
All of the material that has been learned in this class will be useful in my career someday. I cannot say that it will be useful today or tomorrow, since the position that I am in now does not allow me do organizational development at the current moment. However, as I advance up the ladder in my school, and get to principal someday, I will need this tool to help me run a successful organization. Learn the information today and apply it tomorrow.

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