Organizational Culture Of A 2012 Management Research Article Essay

Organizational Culture Of A 2012 Management Research Article Essay

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A 2012 management research article published in Problems of Management in the 21st Century provides the foundation for understanding the positive correlation between organizational culture (including schedule options) and employee motivation and performance (Sokro). The findings establish the crucial role organizational culture plays in employee motivation, calling motivation “the key component of organizational culture” (p. 106). The article defines organizational culture as “the set of beliefs, behaviors, customs, and attitudes that helps the members of the organization understand what it stands for, how it does things, and what it considers important” (Sokro, 2012, p. 106). Flexible Work Arrangements are considered a piece of the organizational culture puzzle. The author goes on to list seven characteristics of organizational culture, which include the degree to which the organization has a people-centered orientation and a team orientation (Sokro, 2012). According to the author’s research, employees and the organizations they work for are interdependent; in other words, the success (or failure) of one will impact the other, and the same can be said for motivation (Sokro, 2012). So, an organization cannot ignore its employees’ level of motivation and hope to be successful. Providing positive working conditions will behoove the employer in the long-run; they will reap the benefits of a happy workforce. As the author explains further, “motivation and job satisfaction cannot be treated in isolation. Organizational culture should […] ensure employee motivation in order to achieve organizational goals” (Sokro, 2012, p. 109). Said differently, motivated employees will propel their organization toward its goals, so it is in the leade...

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...y’s FWA policy. Cairns saw this as a risky, if not flippant move by management, explaining that collaborative teams need more than close proximity to be successful, and with the advancement of technology, it is almost easier to communicate online than in person (Cairns, 2013). Cairns cites a number of data points from the Telework Research Network reporting the enormous benefits of FWA in terms of increased productivity and lowered cost (approximately $13,000 per employee) (as cited in Cairns, 2013, p. 32). Cairns concludes with an assertion that time will tell whether this decision will affect Yahoo’s employee retention and performance (Cairns, 2013). Three years later, Yahoo’s ongoing decline and public search for a buyer gives reason to believe that the abolition of employee-friendly work practices was a factor in the collapse of their once-promising corporation.

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