Essay on Organizational Culture : Life Or Death

Essay on Organizational Culture : Life Or Death

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In the “Case Study: Organizational Culture: Life or Death”(BOOK), eleven hospitals are examined to show the impact that cultural systems play in the life or death situation of heart attack victims. Each hospital is studied and pin pointed as to what makes them so effective. Each member of a team must share a common goal, in this study it is saving the lives of heart attack victims. This passage will demonstrate the power of a team utilizing their strengths to help patients. There are three topics that will be discussed, the values that motivate the doctors and nurses, the importance of the team’s culture coordinating with their habits, and the events that could alter their overall harmony.
One might assume that the motivation that the doctors and nurses have to treat these patients stems from the organization that the hospitals implement. Each hospital has a standardized protocol but allows flexibility where needed. If any mistakes are found, no one is put to blame. Instead, it is recorded and shared so that the team as a whole can learn and become more effective. As new mistakes ar...

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