Organizational Culture: Diverse Types of Cultures and Employees Viewpoints

Organizational Culture: Diverse Types of Cultures and Employees Viewpoints

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An article by Ophillia Ledimo entitled, Managing Organizational Culture Through an Assessment of Employees’ Current and Preferred Culture, was examined for the quantitative portion of this research paper (2013). Quantitative research presents relationships among data collected (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). This article reflects this definition of quantitative research. Ledimo (2013) presents the problem that exists as a gap in literature that although employee perceptions of organizational culture exist, employee’s preferred culture are often missed in research. The article attempts to address the question of what differences exist between current and preferred culture from a sample of employees in a manufacturing firm (Ledimo, 2013). This article can be applied to the construction industry as well.
In the construction industry typically there are issues with cultures and how employees are
treated within the organization. Cornella Brothers Inc. is no stranger to this phenomenon. A manager would often yell and scream at employees in attempts to motivate or push employees to perform work faster. The reality was that this type of culture and environment does not motivate employees; it in fact, does just the opposite. The employees were less likely to work hard for this particular type of manager because they did not feel appreciated or valued. The following chart reflects a study analyzing preferred cultures. It reflects how employees desire an organizational culture to look or what kind of culture that is most effective from the employee’s perspective.
Quantitative Table
Participant's Desired Culture
Preferred Culture Least Dominant Dominant Most Dominant
Achievement 26.14% 28.30% 45.56%
Power 58.49%...

... middle of paper ...

...his cultural viewpoint is in the process of change. Construction organizations as a whole desperately need to examine which type of culture would be best suited for the industry and organizations alike. Morale, motivation, and productivity can all be improved through careful consideration and implementation of an effective culture.

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