Organizational Culture And Making Organizational Levels Changes Essay

Organizational Culture And Making Organizational Levels Changes Essay

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Leading Consultants
Leadership of employees can make or break a company as a consultant you can be called in to transform companies. In order to be successful, the consultant should have a wide variety of talents and skills. Some would call a consultant a jack-of-all trade, from taking notes and meeting minutes to evaluating the organizational culture and making organizational levels changes. Often, the consultant will not have all of the answers, in this case it is important to know how to fit the right employee for the right job. If and when the consultant’s job is done, his legacy will be marked by how well they focused on improving the culture to retain employees and ensured their succession is in place and works.
Change is one of the most difficult processes for humans. It is important to remember that emotions play a large part in getting people to change. A manager that can balance the corporate need for change with the client’s emotional needs will be able to achieve change at a faster, more sustainable rate. The consultant should also remember that emotions are contagious; therefore the consultants should be mindful of their own attitude and emotional presence. A consultant who can manage their own emotions and attitudes will be able to exert influence over their environment.
When change happens and positions open or close, the consultant may have to recruit or participate in the hiring process. The objective of the hiring process is to ensure that the right employee is fitted to the right job. Fitting an employee goes far beyond evaluating the employee and their ability to perform the task. A big factor to consider when fitting an employee is the organization culture; if the employee does not fit in with the...

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...hird step, the employees to fill leadership roles are selected and developed. When the time comes a decision will be made as to which employee has developed themselves to be a fit for the open position. Lastly, to evaluate and ensure succession planning effort work, conduct an analysis and make changes to align your succession planning objective with the outcome.
Consultants have a huge role in the success or failure of an organization. Most consider consultants to be a jack-of-all trades; capable of anything and ready for everything. A consultant should have depth of management training and be able to perform management tasks. Some of these skills include: Knowing how to fit the right employee for the right job; Navigating change; Improving organization culture and employee satisfaction/retention; and making sure their efforts last through succession planning.

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