Organizational Communication : The Organizational Culture Theory Essay

Organizational Communication : The Organizational Culture Theory Essay

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Josiah Blandin
January 15, 2016

Organizational Communication
Overview of Course: The main idea of the course is to understand organizations by looking and thinking about them metaphorically. Through the examination of organizations, we understand the role of communication throughout the process of creating and maintaining organizations. Furthermore, we understand how culture dominates organization and shapes the way organizations communicate and handle various circumstances within an organization.
Theory Identification: The dominant theory underlying the coursera course is the organizational culture theory. The organizational culture theory represents the collective principles, values, beliefs, and ethics of the members of organizations, which distinguishes an organization. Also, the collective ethics of organizations is an outcome of many factors including, but not limited to technology, national culture, and history. In this theory, there are three different broad perspectives: practical, interpretive, critical, and postmodern view. Furthermore, the culture of an organization is key to guiding what an organization does in various circumstances, as well as determining the suitable conduct of an organization. In addition, the organizational culture theory causes a pattern of collective behaviors that trickles down to new members of an organization “inducing its members to think,act,and behave in particular ways” thus, repeating the cycle that affects the way individuals interact amongst each other, the public, and clients(123).However, the collective beliefs of an organization can be manipulated and altered due to new higher ranked employees and new leadership. In conclusion, the organizational culture theory is ...

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Coursera Course Evaluation: The coursera course “organizational communications” was an informative class that brought light to why a lot of organizations differ from others. One key strength of this course is the organization; the organization of the course makes it easier to look back at lectures and review on the concepts previously discussed. Another strength is the future assignments are already posted. However, one weakness is that sometimes the instructions were not as clear and caused some confusion. This course was highly consistent with what was learned about organizations, organizing, and organizational communication. I would definitely recommend this course to somebody because of the knowledge you gain about organizations and the different theories. The concepts learned in the course can be beneficial to those today and those in the future.

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