Essay on Organizational Change: A Dissection

Essay on Organizational Change: A Dissection

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Change is an inevitable part of life involving individuals and organizations. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a significant organizational change. The analysis will explore the change, the reason behind the change, key players, the timeframe, the outcomes, leadership strategies, mistakes made by key players and suggestions to alleviate the mistakes.
Identification of Organizational Change
The significant change being analyzed is the revamping of the academic portfolio within the University of Northern Colorado’s American Sign Language-English Interpretation (ASLEI) program. The ASLEI program uses a competency based curriculum to teach skills, knowledge and attitudes need by interpreters to enter the field successfully and be certification-ready (Witter-Merithew & Johnson, 2005, and DO IT Center, 2014). The portfolio is a capstone project showcasing self-awareness and reflection of the student’s learning across 34 competencies.
While the 34 competencies are foundational to the program’s coursework, the creation of the portfolio is on top of the regular coursework requirements. The program offers four courses designed solely to teach their unique approach to the portfolio. During the first portfolio course, the portfolio is described as the “biggest, hairiest, ugliest project” encompassing 34 essays, 100-125 evidence items and requiring 350-400 hours to create (Kroll, 2013-a, p. 85 and 2013-b). The ASLEI’s portfolio covers a breadth and depth unlike any other within interpreter education.
The program evaluated its first portfolios in 2008. Since the beginning, students have complained about the breadth and depth of the portfolio especially in light of regular program standards and coursework requirements (T. Hetman, pers...

... middle of paper ...

...TR 115: Portfolio Assessment I. Greeley, CO: University of Northern Colorado ASL-English Interpretation Program.
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