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Due to the arrival of economic globalization and the increase of living standards throughout the world, a series of changes both big and small have been brought to our attention. In the meantime however, each individual and groups have been faced with intense competition as well as living under great pressure. In today’s society people are making great effort to thrive in such a society, so are companies. In order to make a greater impact, companies are constantly trying to improve the productivity of their employees which in turn is directly linked to their profits and the market share they possess. Being able to increase productivity is and always will be a major goal for managers in every organisation. Motivation among other issues is increasingly considered as a major priority in any given organization since the level of motivation is always closely related to the levels of productivity made by the employees. The higher the level of motivation produced by the managers results in the higher levels of productivity by their employees. Unfortunately, being able to increase motivation is easier said than done! Motivation theory is a very difficult subject to put into practice, as it touches on several different disciplines. This paper will start with a brief description of motivation theories, and then I will focus on the exploration of Herzberg’s theory following by analysing how to improve productivity of employees by using his motivation theory.
Literature Review
Twyla Dell (1988) gave a definiton to employee motivation, as he stated, the bottom line of motivation is to offer employees what they really want. The more requirements of employees are satisfied, the more rewards ( productivity, quality and service)...

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