Essay on Organizational Behavior in the Field of Sotware Engineering

Essay on Organizational Behavior in the Field of Sotware Engineering

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This paper will discuss the essential use of organizational behavior within assisting in field of software engineering. Software engineers and their mangers view work performance and ways in which productivity can be increased in many different ways, as well as how stress well-being is an important within the work place environment. The first theory being discussed is expectancy, which will show that people believe greater efforts leads to better performance and behavior within the work place. This theory also shows that people expect certain outcomes to be true, when the job is performed is to the best of their ability’s. In whole this focus is mainly on individual’s perception of the performance process. The next theory being expanded is equity and inequity at work, which is directly related to expectancy theory with worker feeling there needs to be equivalent outcome to the work they provided. When this is not true there needs to be suggests made to fix this inequity, such as rationalize the inequity, alter the persons inputs and outputs, alter the comparison of others inputs and outputs, and or leave the organizational situation. (MIS Quarterly © 1992 Management Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota) The second topic being discussed is stress and well-being in the work place. The amount of stress put on worker can directly affect an employees over all physical and mental health. As well as decrease overall performance, behavioral problems and burnout. There are many ways to prevent such things from happening using a preventative stress management, uses a combined responsibility from with employees and managers to encouraging health and avoiding distress. This method uses different preventi...

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...arded individuals” (Adams, 1965: Locke, 1967: Pritchard et al., 1972)” As noted above it is proven that inequity isn’t good for job satisfaction, within software engineering it is important to have each team member within focus of a projects goal. When even one person is lacking effort the whole team could faulted and the project could be hopeless. Although it might not be easy for managers to provide a working environment were everyone on the team feels like they are equal, the need for each person to get the same reward as somebody performing the same particular job is essential. Managers and employees can resolve the problem of inequity in many different ways.

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