Essay on The Organizational Behavior And Systems Theory

Essay on The Organizational Behavior And Systems Theory

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The four contemporary approaches to management are sociotechnical systems, quantitative management, organizational behavior and systems theory. Each approach is unique, and each approach can be used in many types of management.
The sociotechnical systems theory looks at two things. The social system in the work environment and the technical system in the work environment. The combination of these two things can lead to an organizations effectiveness in keep customers satisfied. The social system consists of the organizations workers and the technical system looks the workers training, tools and knowledge.
Quantitative management is another approach to management. This style of management puts a focus on mathematical and statistical analysis. Most managers cannot rely on statistics and math alone to make decisions so this approach to management is often used as a tool to make decisions rather than the be all, end all solution to a problem (Quote Book Here).
The organizational behavior focuses on the behaviors of individuals and group behaviors. Focusing on these behaviors can lead to improved job performance and job satisfaction. They can also help managers achieve the results that can lead to their and the organizations success. Understanding worker’s personalities, why they are working and what they want to receive for being hard workers will help a company build the proper policies to incentivize workers.
The final contemporary approach is systems theory. The focus of systems theory is converting inputs into outputs. A good example of this is a computer. A computer company turns chips, drives, cases, and power supplies into a desktop computer which it can then sell to consumers. The pieces alone are worth a fraction o...

... middle of paper ... each has a place in an organization. The sociotechnical approach works well in the internal environment because it’s focus is on the workers and their tools, training and knowledge. The quantitative approach works well in all three environments. Since it pulls and analyzes all types of data it can be used as a tool to develop and improve all three environments. The organizational approach puts its focus on the behaviors of the employees of the organization, so it fits in best with the internal environment. Systems theory looks at an organization as an open system which involves all three environments. It can be effectively used to consider the internal, external and macro-environments because all affect the organization. All the approaches have their place in a system and an organization would be best suited to always consider each in their analysis of themselves.

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