Organizational Analysis The Nurse Leader Essay

Organizational Analysis The Nurse Leader Essay

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Organizational Analysis the Nurse Leader
The nurse leader that I decide to analyze from my organization is Stacy Nigliazzo, RN, CEN, BSN; she has been a registered nurse for ten years; and she has been working on the emergency department during all these years. She is proud to work for a non-profit organization such as, Memorial Hermann Northeast because the care offered it is centered on the needs of the patient. She is always smiling and has great customer service skills; Stacy is a great manager, leader, and role model to follow.
Nurse Manager
Stacy become registered nurse 10 years ago, then she obtained her bachelor in the science of nursing, and she is currently working on obtaining a Master of Science in Nursing. Stacy is a Certified Emergency Nurse too, and she belongs to the Emergency Nurses Association. The current position of Stacy is the Clinical Coordinator for the emergency department at Memorial Hermann Northeast; she has been in this role for one year. Her responsibilities as a clinical coordinator are organize staff member’s schedules for each shift, day and night; she is responsible to direct a monthly meeting and to select the topics to discuss. Stacy is the bridge between our director, administration, and us; she communicates the news and decisions from our CEO. She keep the records of our certifications and reminding us when is time to renew it, she makes sure we have enough supplies and order more when need it, also, when it is need it she work with us as charge nurse and as a nurse taking care of patients. Stacy is a member of multiple committees in the hospital, such as, quality control, education, recognition reward and retention, and creative art awards committee. She is our resource for most of our ...

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...o us what needs to be done; for example, when she is inform to us about the new protocol for sepsis and all the steps that need to be take. When we have concerns we used the upward communication and voice our issues, concerns and opinions; for example, management change the brand of the intravenous catheter start kit and we as nurses did not like the change, it was difficult to secure the line and we talk and demonstrate that to Stacy. After that Stacy, take our concerns with our director and they decide to go back and use the older brand of intravenous start kit. The communications was great because Stacy understood our concern and funded a way to solve it. I believe Stacy is effective with communication and it is always encouraging and motivating people; when there is a problem she prefers to speak one to one to avoid misunderstandings and to understand the issue.

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Organizational Analysis The Nurse Leader Essay

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