Essay about The Organization Needs Skilled And Leading Leaders

Essay about The Organization Needs Skilled And Leading Leaders

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There are many difficulties. Even though Fred realizes the problem and then he can convince Alice, it took long time to spread his idea to other members and to make others accept it. After they understand the situation, there are against people like NoNo. Some of them are afraid to “change”. Some of them have a confusion. They also don’t know what they should do. Many people (penguins) try to move in different directions, so it is difficult to integrate and lead them to one direction. The organization needs skilled and leading leaders. In conclusion, there are many difficulties, and the organization has to solve those things. Besides, it takes long time.

NoNo – Devil’s Advocacy, because he didn’t want to admit he was wrong. He also tried to disagree to the ideas and focused on minority. Organizational members tend to accept majority’s idea, but he can find the demerits of the idea or what possible risks will happen because of his personality. NoNo might fit the behavioral management theory if we include Theory Y. He might not be a lazy person, but it would be difficult for him to fit the organization because of his personality.
Professor – intelligent, uses data, logical person, because he made a PowerPoint to explain the vision. He was also a supervisor or an educator of NoNo. He is beneficial in the organization, because his logical explanation helps many audiences to understand the contents easily. Furthermore, it is important to try to decrease people, who are disagreeing, to achieve the organizational goal efficiently. If he is a manager, he would fit the management science theory, because he is good at using data. He also would fit the behavioral management theory, because he is a good educator.

At the book’s situ...

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...ew project, which is a healthier image. Most customers seem to understand the company’s food is healthy.
Step 8: I think most customers understand the sandwiches are healthier than previous ones, because the increasing number of customers shows it. If there was a still old image, customers would not visit so much.

I couldn’t find how health menus influence the number of customers directly, but the number of profits is increasing every year. Peterson describes system sales in 2014 is $5,782 million (2015). Wade claims sales exceeded $6 billion in 2015 (2016). However, many other articles mention the company has high quality customer services and many franchise stores. These also influence the increasing sales, so I cannot say exactly the new project affects the sales a lot, but basically I can say their change works well and the company keeps changing.

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