Essay about The Organization Coordinates Of Al Qaida

Essay about The Organization Coordinates Of Al Qaida

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Some segments of the organisation coordinates with al-Qaida including the religious fighters performing lead roles in the planning and operations. Others inside the movement, may be the majority are strictly against the foreigners control including some publicly discarded terrorism and aligning with the international human relief efforts. When the groups merge with al-Qaida, the command alliance between the group and al-Qaida’s head leadership is different. During the time when al-Qaida of Arabian side started its attaches on Saudi Arabia in the year 2003. They were organised by the headquarter of al-Qaida. There are groups like AQIM-al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb get a high degree of independence performing with al-Qaida’s headquarters more partners than agents. There are numerous attacks which are targeting the security forces keeping the primary objective to the group’s previous priorities in comparison to al-Qaida.
These are more the independent associates who change both targets and methods at the time they come closer to joining al-Qaida. In the process of being a partner/member of the al-Qaida, for example, the associate group concentrates its primary focus to include France and Algerian regime. The time it took o the al-Qaida flag, this group blocked U.N and Israeli aims and moved towards Algeria’s energy frame which was never their prime importance in the past.self destructive bombings , hitherto which is still one of the major horrifying incidents the associate group(GSPC) did not force ,only became more frequent combined with those in the Iraq car bombings. Alqueda expanded in Pakistan after the attack of September eleven , there were major casualties in the two suicidal attacks .
The appeal of collecting associates f...

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...nd objectives as many times we have mistakenly attached our own emotions and social biased to the goals of al-Qaida and thought we really understand its motivation which is absolutely wrong sometimes.
As I mentioned previously , there is a lot of first hand knowledge obtained from top officials of the indian army, air force , police, security agencies, media reporters, news reporters, journalists and then it is portrayed here in the essay. When we talk about the idealogy, motivation and inspiration, we can conclude in simple way that it is just the existence they want. This is the major reason , why they do not come to any agreement when the governments try to negotiate with them. If they will agree and stop behaving in the extremist manner, they will have no reason to exist.

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