Essay about The Organization And The Change Initiative

Essay about The Organization And The Change Initiative

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Question 1. Select a specific change initiative that has already taken place in an organization with which you are personally familiar. And write an evaluation report on that change initiative.

I. Introduction: (10%) 400
The organization and the change (882)
The organization that becomes the case unit study is one of government of Republic of Indonesia ministerial agencies namely The Ministry of Administrative Reform.
The main focus of the institution is to enforce the bureaucracy reform in national scope, both for central government institutions (ministerial and non-ministerial agencies) and local government institutions and non-governmental bodies. The organization role’s as prime mover of the bureaucracy reform in Indonesian public sector drives the organization to wind up internal reforms alongside pushing the external reform. A unique organization with dual roles. Beneath the mandate of The Presidential Regulation No.81/2010 on The Grand Design of Indonesian Bureaucratic Reform 2010-2025 (The Grand Design) the Minister of Administrative Reforms chaired an executive body, the National Taskforce for Bureaucratic Reform (NTBR) and the day-to-day operation of the national program is run by the National Bureaucratic Reform Implementation Unit (NBRIU), coordinated by the Vice Minister at the Ministry of Administrative Reforms . (Effendi, 2011 and
Several internal changes were made, the fundamental one is the building of the Bureaucracy Reform Internal Body or Team (Tim RBI). The building of those working groups also beneath the mandate of The Presidential Regulation about The Grand Design. The Bureaucracy Reform Internal Body or Team (Tim RBI) consists of five working groups with differ main focus of change, such ...

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... and national level, (4) enhance the officials capacity with religious discourse or certain urgency substances, and (5) sharing knowledge between individuals and between work units (The Report of Internal Bureaucracy Reform Team-January 2015).

Breakthrough for this programme is the involvement of Information and Technology (IT) for first time used through email and SMS centre, that used for sending the invitation and posting the records or notes after the Reform Corner ended, initially start from 24th September 2012.

Sources of evidence:
• From author’s personal experiences when participating the knowledge sharing on Reform Corner.
• The Report of Internal Bureaucracy Reform Team January 2015 (Laporan RBI KemenPANRB-Januari 2015).
• Recapitulation of the records/notes of Reform Corner programme.
• News index and documentations available at .

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