Essay about Organization And Staffing At Building A Successful Team

Essay about Organization And Staffing At Building A Successful Team

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Organization and Staffing
Hiring staff that will embrace the culture and vision of the organization is important in creating and maintaining the desired image. Employees that are friendly, respectful, efficient, competent, and aim to promote the mission and goals of the company is the type of person wanted for building a successful team. Organizing a business that has clear guidelines, structure and strong, supportive leadership will help create a healthy work environment. Employee retention is important because it helps with deepening bonds with consumers. Patients feel more at ease with familiar faces and a consistent service. Patient confidence will increase when they feel that employees are happy and show trust in their co-workers.
Office Setting
Creating an inviting office setting that compliments the vision of the organization will impress upon clients the warmth and sense of commitment to excellence. It should have a good flow with plenty of comfortable space. Offering an area with water and other drink and healthy snack options would improve their waiting room experience. Keeping the office clean, neatly arranged, and with minimal clutter portrays it as properly maintained. Separate chutes for soiled linens, wastes, and recyclables will aid in preventing safety hazards and infections (Maghazehe, DiSanto,& Williams, 2014). Green building practices will reiterate the goals of the office to increasing long-term sustainability and environmental responsibility. Choosing office surfaces that are nonporous, easily disinfected, and compatible with cleaning agents are recommended. Healthcare organizations striving to obtain 100 percent hand-washing compliance and providing conveniently located stations and minimalizin...

... middle of paper ... Taking the time to plan ahead and seek outside help when necessary will assist in finding the perfect fit.
Establishing a medical practice that will attract and retain target consumers and physicians takes strategy. A marketing plan will help create the ideal image that portrays the values and goals of the organization. Updating the methods of marketing and communicating to staying up with the times ensures you reach more potential consumers. Setting accommodating hours and a comfortable and reliable atmosphere will help patient form relations and trust. The healthcare market is competitive, but there is an increasing demand for high quality care and reliable service. Forming a successful marketing plan and business model will increase the success of growing a medical practice that benefits the health and well being of the community it serves.

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