Organization And Management : The New Job Of The Restaurant

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Organization and management final assignment -3 section-A Ans-1) 1)unfreezing-moving out of his job and concentrating on the new job of the restaurant 2)changing-a change in the management with a delegation of work that lieas to a lot of new idea and new innovative in the production. 3)refreezing –the situation that is being fruzed and to produce with the restaurant supplying its own product in the restaurant.n Ans-2 1) identifying the deliberate person We should identify the deliberate person for choseing the new kitchen machinery .who has a good knowledge in that field .and also who can take care of that things properly . 2) identifying the needs and make a group by them guidance ,purpose and direction. We have to make a group for chosing it and give them knowledge and guidance about things For example –to see the quality of the machinery ,which type of machinery you want for what purpose and also see the quality of the machinery 3)give them some coaching with a detail about good leaders ,resolve conflicts ,trust,good relationship. 4)They should have clear vision and must take decision according to the motive of the company . 5)encourage them to complete the work.and give them good feeling of achievement and give them incentives recognition. Ans-3 The steps I would take to make sure that the task was effecti... ... middle of paper ... ...dership style are- 1)motivation This leader uses his belief in the vision of the company to inspire the staff to be more productive and works towards the company goals. 2)planning Inspirational manager do not focus on their energy solefy on motivating the staff.a good transformational leader has broad vision for companies future ,those vision can become instrumental in companies planning. 3)Retention This leadership is to reach out to each employee and bring out the best in them .an inspirational man spends time with each employee discussing ways to make job easier. 4)Growth A manager that is not intimately involved in the growth of the company and the development of his staff can start to struggle with managing his department as the company grows.

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