Organisational Structure Of An Organization Essay

Organisational Structure Of An Organization Essay

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Organisational structure
An organisation is a purposely formed group of people, with clearly defined boundaries with which it operates in towards common objectives that can be both formal and informal (Simms, 2005; Rao & Rao, 1999). These organisations emulate a living thing, they go through several cycles of transformation, growth, decline, illness and even death (Gordon, 2015). Mullins and Christie (2013, 542) state that “organisational structure provides the framework for strategic management”. Simms (2005) states that the correct organisational structure will aid towards day to day management of the business and long term sustainability but states that specific structures are more resistant to change and development. A lot of academics are in agreement that an organisation’s success will depend on its ability to adopt change to accommodate for a turbulent environment which is constantly going through rapid change (Carnall, 2007; Mullins and Christie, 2013; Tripathi and Reddy, 2012). Therefore, if this is the case then as Simms (2005) would have us believe surely only those organisations that have the ‘specific correct structure’ that promote change will survive, and to choose a structure that inhibits this process may lead to demise. However, Banerjee (1995) challenges this stating no one structure suits all and there are a myriad of organisational structures in use across the world today, still surviving. The structure of an organisation and its success are dependent on the nature of its tasks and the environment (Mullins and Christie, 2013). Therefore it could be suggested that an organisation’s structure on its own does not directly inhibit or promote change within an organisation however, it does influence other key fac...

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...onal change as incremental change that is defined by size and are usually very small changes. Both strategic and operational change are only influenced by the surrounding environment and can both be reactive or proactive (Rollinson, 2002). This would suggest there are key similarities between strategic and operational change therefore the distinguishing factors for strategic change may be based upon more complexity, the unknown and future environment which the organisation will be predicated.

Army Headquarters based in Andover, has a policy and process for change management on Land Forces (LF) form 81. This form is used to standardise operational change in order to capture the requirements of a change request, to subsequently manage the change regardless of what and how it may manifest and to document its whole life from creation to completion for historical record.

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