Essay Organic Farming Is The Only Method Of Farming

Essay Organic Farming Is The Only Method Of Farming

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As we stroll the aisles of our local supermarkets we see all kinds of food products, but does it ever occur to you how fresh or natural these products maybe. Organic farming prohibits any use of artificial chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics in the production of its crops and livestock. Organic farming has existed for centuries, but after the industrial revolution factory farming was arising. Organic farming does not allow the use of any pesticides in its crops or livestock production, but also helps sustain a good economic flow in rural communities. Although there are many benefits of organic farming, there is a lack of credibility some farmers provide within the distribution of their products and some argue that there’s no difference health wise between organic and factory farming.
Although organic farming was the only method of farming since the early ages, the rebirth of organic farming occurred in the early 1940’s. Thirty years later, organic farming was in high demand, but suffered developing pains. Although there was agreements being made, there was no regulations put forth towards organic farming. Fast forwarding to present time, many consumers are starting to purchase organic food products even making it a trend. Written in Inouye, Alena, and McCauley’s 2006 article “Organic Farming Should Be Pursued”, “organic farming is gaining in popularity due to Americans ' increasing concern about food safety and environmental protection.” This quote assumes the reasoning behind the sudden popularity in organic farming is society’s attraction towards the idea of a cleaner food industry and environment. The article also mentions, “As a result, sales of organic foods in the United States have increased by more than 20 per...

... middle of paper ... due to the amount of labor it requires in its production, but if there is no health differences between factory farming and organic farming consumers may move away from its movement and go on to purchase cheaper processed foods.
The movement supporting organic farming is increasing in numbers every day. Popularity seemed to arise because of its methods towards banning pesticides in its crops or livestock production, but also the economic flow it creates in rural communities. Though there are statements of false credibility some farmers provide and people claiming that there is no difference health wise between organic and factory farming, the organic farming movement is still gaining attention all throughout the world. There is always going to be pros and cons with certain ideas, but organic farming seems to be flourishing and strengthening up its status.

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