Essay on Organic Farming And The Organic System Plan

Essay on Organic Farming And The Organic System Plan

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Organic farming refers to agricultural production systems used to produce food and fiber without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The majority of current farming is conventional and uses these products in order to get larger yields more quickly. All kinds of agricultural products are produced organically, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, fibers such as cotton, flowers, and processed food products. Some of the essential characteristics of organic systems include: design and implementation of an "organic system plan" that describes the practices used in producing crops and livestock products; a detailed recordkeeping system that tracks all products from the field to point of sale; and maintenance of buffer zones to prevent inadvertent contamination by synthetic farm chemicals from adjacent conventional fields. (Organic Farming Research Foundation)
Organic farming is often cited as being healthier and more efficient, as in The Kansas State Collegian editorial “Organic Farming Healthier, More Efficient Than Status Quo” by Anurag Muthyam, published on September 3, 2013. Muthyam is a library assistant at Fielder Engineering Library in Manhattan, Kansas and is involved in an internship at Advise Technologies. He specializes in computer software and focuses his free time pursuing environmental science as a hobby. His editorial attempts to convince students and young consumers to believe in the validity of this concept. Muthyam uses the above definition of organic farming, specifically noting the absence of the use chemicals or pesticides and the reduction in potential for ground water contamination. He goes on to state, with less cited evidence, that it can feed the world. He generalizes and states it is b...

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...anic farming on the environment out-weigh those of conventional farming.
Although, I have to disagree with Muthyam that organic farming provides crop yields equal to that of conventional farming, I agree that it yields nutritionally better foods and is better for the environment. That said, I think there is a lot of evidence that we should begin incorporating better methods into both types of farming to come up with a system that uses less chemicals and pesticides but produces yields that come closer to those of conventional methods. The article on the study done at McGill at the University of Minnesota states some specific means of doing this. Further studies in this area and education to those doing conventional farming of the better methods would likely result in changes for the better eventually by those primarily producing the food that feeds the world.

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