Organ Donation And Transplantation Is A Surgical Process Essay

Organ Donation And Transplantation Is A Surgical Process Essay

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Organ donation and transplantation is a surgical process started by removing the donated organ and placing it into another body. Organ donation started in the 1930’s, when people volunteered their organs to help other people who needed organs. According to Howard (2012), 1936 was the first recorded kidney transplant performed by a Russian surgeon named Dr. YuYu and that was done on a young woman who had renal failure. The doctor used a kidney from a dead person, who had been dead for 6 hours and his blood type was B, however, the recipient’s blood type was O. In the end, the recipient died two days later from the surgery because the kidney never functioned (Howard, 2012). Moreover, in 1953 there was a living kidney donor, who was a mother that volunteered to give her kidney to her son. The kidney functioned for 3 weeks before the patient died of organ rejection (Howard, 2012). In addition, organ donation or transplantation started as a volunteering process from the donor to help other people who needed organs but these days it is different. It has gone from a volunteer process to a kind of business. People started buying and selling organs illegally and created what is called the “Black Market.”
Black Market business
The shortage of organs is getting worse and a huge number of patients are dying while on the waiting list. There are many debates about the Black Market selling of organs. In several countries there are people who think the Black market is a good business because it helps the patient buy the organ very fast and it also helps the seller to get a good price. On the other hand, there are some people who think of the negative of allowing this kind of business. However, each country has their laws and their own rules. In ...

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...d the bargaining for organs is unfair and illegal. Each country has their own laws and rules but most countries agree that selling and buying organs is the worst business. Buying and selling organs could bring many different problems to the country such as kidnapping and forcing people to use their organs. Many countries are using a very hard punishment for people who use this kind of business” black market business” such as paying fine or criminal penalties. Even if there are a lot of profits to the donor or to the hospital, the problem that act will cause are more than the profit worth some people says whose body is it anyway? Patients may die before their turn comes up on the list of organ donations, but when they talk about a whole country it is not only about your body, it is about everyone’s body and we want to protect people from unfair exploitation.

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