Essay about Orbital Debris

Essay about Orbital Debris

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Orbital debris is all sorts of materials that are human made and these objects are orbiting around the earth’s orbit but are no longer usable1. In other words, Orbital debris, also known as Space debris are all sorts of waste materials in space, which are in a state where various problems can trigger. Researchers and scientists are all concerned about the impacts these debris can leave and they are trying to determine any sorts of solution that may destroy the orbital debris causing no harms on the earth’s surface. This research paper primarily focuses on, the total number of orbital debris for years, the causes and problems due to the space junks and solutions to get rid of those waste space materials.
Analyzing the number of satellites
To analyze the number of satellites sent into the space by humans, let’s consider figure – 1. Figure – 1 shows the numbers of satellites sent every year from 1957 to 2014. In Figure – 1, LEO represents Lower Earth Orbit, MEO represents Medium Earth Orbit, GEO represents Geostationary Orbit and there are other space satellites indicated by the orange color3. According to the graph, it can be stated that most of the satellites were sent in the lower orbit of the earth. Starting from year 1957 to 2014, there were 7417 satellites that were sent in space2. From 1965 to 1978, the number of satellites sent in outer space was fairly constant2. In this time period, the maximum number of satellites sent is 177 in the year 1978, and minimum number is 138 in the year 19742. The maximum number of satellites 230 was sent in the year 1984 and this is the highest number of spacecraft sent in the space till now2. During 1979 to 1985, the spacecraft number increased rapidly2. However, from 1986 till 1996, the nu...

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