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The Orange Room : Creative Manager Essay

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The Orange Room
The Orange Room is creative consulting, an idea for group problem solving to implement finding the problem the emphases begins with observations following up with Brain Storming, then implementing the problem. My interview with Jeanette sparked in her a memory of a sweet time in her life as she recalled the working through the process of the Orange Room with her co-worker, Dan. The Orange Room was created in the mid 1990’s out of the desire to coach others to creatively connect during the process of problem solving.
Jeanette is creative and deeply cares about people. I know this because she is my spiritual mentor and she teaches Spanish at Grand Valley University. At the time The Orange Room was being formed Jeanette was working for Cornerstone University as the Creative Director. Jeanette has a passion for working with people to bring the creativity that we all share as being made in the image of God. God, after all, it the ultimate creator and we, made in His image are creative. The intriguing of Jeanette is that she was brought up as a missionary child in a Spanish speaking country and her creativity was encouraged at a young age. Jeanette desires to share the joy she has experienced as one who has embraced her God given creativeness.
Observing is the way Jeanette and other staff members at Cornerstone begin, they would not begin with the problem. When people come together and observe they are working together to share what they see, they are creating a big picture including everyone’s observation. Jeanette says that the process to get to the problem solves the problem.
The next step is Brainstorming. This has many aspects and ways to complete, however the bottom line is bringing the ideas together...

... middle of paper ...

...ecade ago. Janette and Dan were one of many people that were in the background supporting through their creativity and care many who still teach today. Their excitement and commitment to The Orange Room was out of the passion that they both wanted to share this fabulous idea which was already working in their own environment.
The Orange Room invited me to think about the “lost behind the scene” businesses who are a prop to a larger business. I did not ask Jeanette if she thought her business was a success, I already knew that it was a success. The genuine joy that bounce around her gave away her testimony that the business was successful. The business transformed the professors she worked with and teachers and staff from National Heritage Academies. The success of a new business is measured by the lives that are transformed in the people who are involved.

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