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With the “Orange Is the New Black” star, Laverne Cox being transgender and permitted to play a vivid character as “Sophia”, Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement on the Diane Sawyer interview in 2015, and the arsenal of social media, being non-cisgender (not the gender assigned at birth) in general, has been discussed more than ever. Due to the Internet’s broadness, people who met this classification are unraveling new identities such as non-binary and genderqueer (only people who are this can say this word as “queer” is a slur). Being cisgender is the norm in society. I am also non-cisgender and this is an unique thing that possessed many scars.
Typically, with people who are not cisgender (the gender matches the same one at birth; mentioned in the first paragraph), people instantly think of people who are “transsexual”. (The word “transsexual” is deemed a derogative word to use automatically, unless the person in question permits it.) But people who are not cisgender (non-binary, non-binary transgender, and transgender) are not automatically “transsexual”. They are whatever gender they think that describes them. (For example, a person may be male-bodied, but they identify as a girl.) A part from Teaching Transgender* expounds this point further: “Any discussion that attempts to define the terms beneath the transgender umbrella should first offer the caveat that putting labels on and creating boundaries around identities is a politicized practice that can be a difficult, awkward and exclusionary process. (50-51)”
Also, there is assumptions that if someone is within the transgender umbrella that it is this fixed conversion from “female to male” or “male to female”, when that is not the reality. (The conversions in recent years have been...

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...m. Bullying aspect because these non-conforming things are viewed as “aberrant”. (Non-cisgender and transgender people are victims of discrimination and sixty-nine percent are homeless or were homeless, fifty to fifty-four percent were targets of harassment and insults, and multiracial along with Native American non-cisgender plus transgender person had the highest suicide rates; fifty-four percent of multiracial people and fifty-six Native Americans who are non-cisgender and/or transgender (Suicide Attempts Among Transgender and Gender Non-comforting Adults, 2).) The previous sentence outlined the isolation and melancholy and plus, with the majority of people being cisgender, people like me are casted out to the wilderness to defend ourselves, without any guidance. Straying away from the norm is gambling with your life and being seen as “void person” in society.

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