Oral And Oral Language Assessment Essay

Oral And Oral Language Assessment Essay

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Oral Language Assessment
Oral language development is the foundation of learning to read and write. When we first make our big entrance into the world, our oral language starts developing. As we grow up, we hear all kinds of sounds such as words, songs, traffic and much more. Oral language is all about using spoken words to express knowledge, ideas, and feelings. According to an article called “Stay at Home Educators” oral language plays a tremendous role for literacy development. There are four great examples that they discuss in this article that I thought was very informative. Oral language helps develop vocabulary concepts. When students discover the meaning and pronunciation of words, they are understanding different types of speech. Students who can articulate their thoughts clearly have an advantage in learning to read over students that are poor readers. Students who have the desire to use oral language for many different purposes such as reading, writing and listening. Without Oral language development, students will have a hard time in their literacy development.
I chose a book that was easy to read but had some challenging vocabulary that I thought the student wouldn’t know. My reason for this is so the student would be able to sound out the words or use context clue by looking at the pictures that the book provided. I pulled one student aside where it was quite and no distractions. I instructed the student to use her finger from left to right as she reads the sentence on each page. She mastered this very well. As she was reading through the story and came across a word she didn’t know, I noticed that she would look at the picture and then say the word. I would then tell her to sound out the word so she would actua...

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...is the foundation of reading and writing. This concept should be mastered if the student is going to be able to prosper in their literacy development. I believe the student that I recorded can improve her oral speech by reintroducing certain letter sounds. This will help the student fix their pronunciation of words. For future instruction in oral language development, an educator needs to display a language learning environment in their classroom. By displaying labels in the classroom this will give the students the opportunity to strengthen their oral language development every day. The language experience approach should be used in all classrooms. This approach gives students the opportunity to express themselves through writing and they are able to make a connection because of the personal experience. Students learn best when the concept relates to their life.

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