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Options Other than Abortion Essay

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In people’s minds, abortion is one of many solutions to get rid of a baby that is not wanted or it’s not the right time to raise a baby; it is also one of the most controversial issues of our time. Abortion has it’s own effects on people and society mostly in a bad way. Church and other religious groups are against abortion, while others in our society are supporters. There are some options other than abortion to solve this issue, such as: adoption, teen parenting, and more. “How many more women will be exploited, injured or killed by abortion? More than 4,000 women choose to abort every day. That’s about 1.5 million abortions each year.” (lovematters.com).

First, abortion has physical and emotional side effects on the birth parents especially the mother, and on society, for example, some of the physical side effects are: feeling abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, damage to the uterus and other organs, infection, fever, bleeding, and might lead to death. (American Pregnancy Association). Some emotional side effects are: regret, anger, guilty feelings, shame, loneliness, nightmares, relationship issues, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, which also lead to death (American Pregnancy Association), and here is a quote from a woman who had been through all of this because of a life mistake, “Please understand that by aborting your unborn child, that does not make the baby go away. Your baby will be in your heart until you die. After abortion – the guilt, shame and loneliness is horrible. Once you abort, you cannot go back and change it.”
Lisa Burroughs. Religion believers and the church are completely against the idea of abortion. They believe that abortion is against God’s commands to mankind, as the bible say “You shall not ...

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...e.” Mae Abbott. “Sonya had an abortion and advises other women, “Don’t do it. Regret of a permanent decision is like watching a sad movie over and over again and hoping the ending will change – but it never will. As Whitney Houston sang in a song, “Don’t Throw Away Your Miracle!” Sonya Kaye.

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