Options And Resources Of The Texas Board Of Nursing Essay

Options And Resources Of The Texas Board Of Nursing Essay

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Options and Resources
The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) recognizes that “substance use disorders are treatable conditions, and nurses who achieve stable recovery may be able to safely provide care to patients under certain conditions” (2015). This can be beneficial for the registered nurse (RN) because depending on the accusations and the situation, the nurse may be able to have options when it comes to punishment and disciplinary actions. The RN should hire a lawyer in a situation if possible drug abuse is suspected because they are able to help address any legality concerns that could evolve and are also able to help protect and create a defense. The RN has a right to continue to work if an allegation is made against them without telling their employer until the Board makes a final decision or issues an Order prohibiting them from working (Texas Board of Nursing, 2013b). The RN also has the option of requesting to see the records from the impending case as long as the information is not subject to disclosure. If an RN is under investigation they also have resource options through the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN). This program is designed to help, “RNs and LVNs get through the difficulties of substance abuse and/or mental illness – and get back to work” (Texas Board of Nursing, 2013b). A registered nurse in this situation needs to be able to provide evidence that can help support their case if possible. The RN does have the option to surrender their license if they would like if they no longer wish to practice nursing while under investigation or at all.
Chain of Command
At the time of incident, it is a registered nurses duty to report to “the immediate supervisor, such as the charge nurse, to ensure cl...

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...ng patient teaching and goals and addressing health promotion education. It is the responsibility of the RN not an LVN or UAP to begin and deliver implementation of their nursing care plan. They are the ones in charge of assigning and delegating tasks to the LVN as well as to an UAP if necessary. The RN cannot delegate reassessment of a patient nor can they delegate certain medications such as IV push medications or opioids to an LVN (Texas Board of Nursing, 2013c). The registered nurse needs to always be aware of what is prohibited and what is allowed within their scope of practice. When delegating, the RN should always consider the level of education and training and the ability for the person being delegated to perform the task. The registered nurse can always refer to the Texas Board of Nursing website for updated information about practicing their license.

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