Optimum Merchandising Loyalty And The Carrefour Brand Across All Stores Essay

Optimum Merchandising Loyalty And The Carrefour Brand Across All Stores Essay

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optimal merchandising loyalty to the Carrefour brand across all stores. Achieving this would strategies that reduced the costs of require Carrefour to redefine its processes, leverage information as an inaccurate product assortments, strategic asset and transform its existing systems without disrupting in- volume surges, demand uncertainties store operations has really spiced up its entrance using high impact visual displays to entice consumers in their mobile, entertainment, and health & beauty departments (Bekkhus, 2003).
Carrefour’s approach immediately separates male and female shoppers into two different paths throughout the store. Both sides of the main aisle, immediately past the entrance to the store, are littered with highly effective visual displays. Women are lured into the health and beauty department, while men are enticed by mobile devices and other electronic equipment. Time spent in this store is both prolonged, and made more enjoyable (Bekkhus, 2003).
In the past, almost all Carrefour stores had banners bearing the slogan "Quality for All", but now most in-store advertising focuses on pricing. The current price strategy Carrefour adopts is called “high-low price”, which entails that the daily price is relatively high, while the sales promotion price is extremely low. In contrast, its competitor, Wal-Mart, uses the price strategy labeled “every day, low price”. Thus, Wal-Mart seems more attractive in current and long-terms. The store 's signs are bigger, bolder and simpler than they were a few months ago. Large yellow discount posters above the aisles have replaced small gray and white signs, with prices in bold, red print (Bekkhus, 2003).

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When considering international business, Carrefour is much more experienced than Wal-Mart. In Asia, Wal-Mart’s sourcing is localized. This localization allows Walmart to meet customer’s needs and it also lessens the lead-time and the delivery costs. Carrefour, however, is beginning to centralize its sourcing. Carrefour’s suppliers still deal with local stores directly and since 1995, Carrefour has had 95% of its products locally sourced (Liang, 2007). The physical distribution and digitalized strategies also differ with Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Wal-Mart has a system built on complete storage management. As a result of utilizing this method, Wal-Mart is able restock goods twice a week, reduce storage space, and limit delivery time. Further, this strategy has permitted Wal-Mart to increase profits by 2% when compared toi their competitors (Liang, 2007).

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